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Saraswati Vedic Sanstha under whose aegis Arya Kanya Sadan (AKS) is run, is society registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 Regn. No. 809/1981-82. It has a system of triennial elections to elect the office bearers by and among the members.

A monthly meeting of the execution board is held to discuss and take administrative decisions. Day to day matters are looked into by the Chief Warden, necessarily a female, appointed for the purpose, assisted by other employees.

By dint of a little support from the society, They can grow up as useful, normal and responsible citizens. Possibly an individual may not be able to take care of this enormous responsibility, but jointly this end is certainly achievable by a little contribution of ours.

Arya Kanya Sadan (girl orphanage) was established by a socially concerned and kind hearted lady, namely, Smt. Shanti Sehgal in the year 1992, initially with three girls.

Today AKS is a voluntary, non-profit making institution with the sole purpose of bringing up the above detailed exclusive girl children. None of the office bearers and/or executive member derives any remuneration/charges/fee or other kind of benefit for the services rendered by him/her. Children get shelter, protection, security, food, clothing, education, medical aid, physical-mental spiritual development in a homely atmosphere. ……Know More ……

Arya kanya Sadan allows symbolicadoption of a child by childless / daughterless couples strictly according to the rules. Such couples are allowed to be with the child in the Sadan premises on occasions such as birthdays or some holiday / festival with prior arrangements. However, they will not be allowed to take the child out of premises.